Hello, TSA Parents and Families!

Thank you all for your feedback on your experiences with the first quarter of virtual learning. We have closely reviewed all the responses we received from students, families, faculty, and staff, and we are ready to announce updates and improvements to our virtual learning plan for the second quarter.

Introducing “Virtual 3.0!”

Below you will find the newly developed weekly schedule for Virtual Learning during Quarter 2. We are excited to announce these solutions to common issues our students and families have been experiencing!


  • Standardized start times and end times every day
  • Extended break times between classes
  • Reduced screen time
  • Added short “Check-in” time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


“Check-in” times will serve as a contact point for students to increase accountability and information sharing. All fourth period teachers will offer general updates, as well as opportunities for students to request help or ask questions regarding policies or procedures.


If  you prefer to have a paper copy of this schedule. Copies will also be available for pickup at school during normal business hours.

Thank you!


Doug Mead


Toledo School for the Arts