September 28, 2021

The TSA Blog: September

Learning during the mandated shut down and the continued virtual learning last school year, was less than ideal. Many students did okay with virtual learning, and some students struggled tremendously. The pacing of the curriculum delivery was slower than normal as well, so even those students that did well did not learn as much as usual. This learning loss was demonstrated with our Ohio State Tests the students took in May, which were significantly lower than two years ago. So what are we going to do to address the learning loss?


TSA will take a three-pronged approach:

  1. Teachers (in grades 6 – 10) will identify where students are in their knowledge of mathematics and English Language Arts skills using STAR diagnostic testing, and then respond with lessons designed to close any gaps in learning;
  2. Utilizing additional personnel, co-teaching will take place during the day to support students’ learning in mathematics and ELA classrooms (grades 6-8); 
  3. After-school tutoring programs will begin in October:
    1. An organization called TutorSmart will assist our teachers in tutoring 6th – 8th grade students in mathematics (in addition to our usual tutoring and homework assistance programs we have operated for several years);
    2. High School students who will need to retake the Ohio State End of Course tests in order to meet the graduation standards will receive tutoring to prepare to retest.


TSA will strive to address the learning loss that took place over the last year and a quarter with our students. Our goal is to get every student back up to where they should be in less than 2 school years. Be watching for letters of invitation for some of these programs and be ready to support your students in these after school learning opportunities.


Letha Ferguson


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