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We serve as an inclusive community where learning is rigorous, creativity is cultivated, and the individual is celebrated.

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Who we are

Toledo School for the Arts is a public community school focused on providing Ohio residents a rigorous academic curriculum and an intense visual and performing arts environment.

Our Studies


Academic excellence blended with engaging arts integration becomes a powerful driver for the growth and achievement of TSA students. Discipline and excellence are the most important things we teach. Success in the Arts moves hand-in-hand with Academic accomplishment.

Our Studies


It’s what we are! The Arts are Everywhere at TSA. With encompassing preprofessional programs in Dance, Music, Theatre, Video, Visual Art, and Writing, TSA Arts Programs provide opportunities for students to study at whatever level they’re ready for.

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Get a snapshot of what makes TSA tick. Enjoy a gallery reception & an array of cross-disciplinary live performances on the first Friday of every month. Afterwards, stick around for a student-led tour of the school.


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See what real students have to say about their experience here at the Toledo School for the Arts. 

“TSA is where the weird kids go to school”. That’s what people said about us. To be honest, they were right. TSA was a weird place to go to school... It was weird to have teachers and administrators that truly care about each and every student. It was weird to be excited for school everyday. It was weird to see students cheering on other students. It was all weird and wonderful at the same time. As a theater and dance major dedication, perseverance, and respect were always expected of me. It was my job to get good grades so I could be in the fall semester musical, the spring semester play and the numerous dance concerts throughout the year. When it became time for college I felt prepared. I didn’t have to acquire a work ethic, I already had one, thanks to TSA. That work ethic carried me to NYC and eventually to TV/Film and Broadway. I have TSA to thank for laying the groundwork for my career. There’s no other place like it!
Anthony Cason
Class of 2010
"I really found myself at TSA. The distinctive way education is blended with arts of all kinds is beyond compare. I was able to express my unique abilities while getting the competitive education I needed."
Kyle Johnson
Class of 2021
"TSA helped foster a love for creative problem solving and innovation in me from the time I started there in seventh grade. My school experience changed dramatically once I was taught by the amazing staff at TSA. I suddenly had teachers who encouraged us to think differently and weren’t afraid to push the envelope of how education should and could look."
Amy Bader
Class of 2014