Counseling Office

About the Counseling Office

Toledo School for the Arts offers a professionally trained counseling staff to assist students with their personal, social, academic, and career development. The counselors are also available to work with students, parents, and teachers on shared goals. The counseling staff has access to resources and information which can assist students in many ways, so please stop in!

Counseling Staff

To contact the counseling staff please call 419-246-8732, and use the extensions listed below.
To send us a fax, please dial 419-244-3515.

School Counselors

Mrs. Carlyn Campbell-Johannes (11th & 12th Grades)
ext. 319

Lexie Wisnewski (9th & 10th Grades)
ext. 322 

Mrs. Stacey Maurer (Middle School)
ext. 131

Support Staff

Mrs. Janel Hough (Office Assistant)
ext. 308

Mrs. Laurie Mitchell (Office Assistant)
ext. 300