August 19, 2021

Letter from Dr. Mead

Dear TSA Community:
First, I wanted to express that the excitement and enthusiasm of the students these past two days has been absolutely infectious and we couldn’t be happier to have everyone back in the building!  
I next wanted to provide you with some updates that were shared with local school leaders this afternoon by the Lucas County Health Department. Continuing to provide in-person instruction remains a top priority and it will be important for all of us to remain in the loop as the school year progresses to help ensure that goal is met.
As you will see, cases (especially cases involving youth ages 0-18) are increasing, almost exclusively as a result of the Delta variant.  An item that was reinforced by the Health Department continues to be the importance of masking and vaccination as the primary deterrents to virus transmission.
Lucas County Case Data:
# of total COVID cases
 June 2021- 209
July 2021- 303
August-present- 807
Total cases reported for youth 0-18
7/20/21-8/2/21: 27
8/3/21-8/16/21: 115
Percentage of total cases reported for youth ages 0-18
August-present 18.3%
March 2020- 1.1%
I will continue to share information and data as it is made available.
Thank you all again for making this week so positive!

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