December 18, 2020

Update from the 12/17/20 Board Meeting

Dear TSA Families-

I hope the holiday season is treating you and your family well- I think we will all be happy to see 2020 come to an end!

I wanted to provide an update from the TSA Board Meeting that was held yesterday, Dec. 17.  As what was previously communicated, the 3rd Quarter will begin with virtual instruction through at least Jan. 19th in order to allow for a thorough review of COVID case data from the holiday break.

Yesterday, a revised limited in-person learning plan was presented and approved by the TSA Board.  This Plan may now be utilized as an in-person return option after Jan. 19 and represents a slight deviation from the previous hybrid model. (This shift is a result of evaluating survey responses and engaging in several conversations with students, staff, and parents on what a more effective limited in-person structure could look like).

From a faculty standpoint, the previous plan proved infeasible due to the significant planning time needed to facilitate both all-virtual and in-person students.  Several school districts have engaged outside vendors to provide the instructional content for those students opting for all-virtual instruction. In order for our entire student body to continue to benefit from instruction offered directly by TSA faculty, TSA decided not to out-source virtual instruction.

From a student standpoint, the previous considered model did not offer enough direct instructional time with faculty.  The new plan provides increased time while also taking into consideration the results from the surveys which suggested the top priorities would be the need for social distancing as well as reduced exposure time.

Further factors included developing a simpler model that allows for planning and logistical consistency, while also providing direct instructional opportunities for those students opting for all-virtual.

Highlights from this approved Plan (see below):







A, B & C Cohorts (virtual)




A, B & C Cohorts (virtual)



(Cohorts B and C working – self-directed – at home)

(Cohorts A and C working – self-directed – at home)

(Cohorts A and B working – self-directed – at home)


  • Students would continue to be assigned to either Cohorts A, B, or C (all-virtual).
  • Cohorts A, B, and C will each participate in three 7-period instructional days per week.
    • Students in Cohorts A/B: 1 day in-person, 2 days virtual, 2 days self-directed
    • Students in Cohort C: 3 days virtual, 2 days self-directed
  • In addition to participating with Cohorts A & B in virtual instruction two days a week, Cohort C would receive one day of dedicated, direct instruction per week.
  • This model limits the time for students in the building, while also increasing overall direct instruction time.
  • This plan would not require any early dismissal.
  • Discussions and planning are underway for this plan to include “social blocks” within the schedule (during those days of self-directed instruction) to allow for socialization and collaboration.


Next Steps:

  • Following the start of the 3rd Quarter, the Planning Team will reconvene and determine a recommendation for the TSA Executive Committee (following Board approval today, the Executive Committee will make final determinations on continuing with virtual instruction or transitioning to in-person instruction).
  • Communication will be sent informing families and staff of the approved plans for post-January 19.
  • If the decision is made to transition to the limited in-person plan, a Town Hall will be scheduled prior to the start of in-person classes to provide a logistical overview.


I want to thank everyone again for your continued patience and understanding.  Our goal remains to return to a full, 5-day a week return as soon as it is safe and responsible to do so.  I feel I can speak for the entire TSA Community that this day can’t come fast enough!

I wish you all a restful and happy holiday season!


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