October 13, 2021

SNAPSHOT: October Exhibition

October in the Porter Gallery: SNAPSHOT

Amber and Adam Soboleski (LeSo Gallery) – ceramic/sculptures,

 painting, & textiles

Amber LeFever Soboleski grew up on a farm in small town Ohio. From there she earned her BFA in Painting and Art Education and a minor in Arts Management from BGSU. While there, Lefever Soboleski took part in programs that allowed her to study in both New York City and Florence, Italy.

After Graduation, LeFever Soboleski and her husband opened LeSo Gallery in Toledo, OH. In 2015, after adopting two special needs dogs, priorities shifted closer to home, which allowed LeFever Soboeski to reinvest in her own work. She began working for world-renowned artist Chris Roberts-Antieau, where she discovered thread painting, revolutionizing the direction of her own pieces.

Adam Soboleski was born the oldest of five sons to a military family. While growing up his family was constantly moving, offering Soboleski the chance to see and experience a wide array of landscapes, cultures, and how quickly things change. After graduating high school and working in Colorado, Soboleski moved across the country to attend BGSU.

In 2010 he graduated with a BFA in Three Dimensional Studies with an emphasis in ceramics. He and his wife decided to plant roots in Toledo where they opened LeSo Gallery. here, Soboleski built his own ceramics studio equipped with both electric and atmospheric kilns. Soboleski has always identified as a builder. His skills and interests have evolved to incorporate wood and metal work, even combined with his first love, ceramics.

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