Academics at Toledo School for the Arts

The Toledo School for the Arts (TSA) school community believes that parents, teachers, administrators, and students are partners in the educational process.

The school and home must form an alliance to provide quality educational programs for youth. A quality educational program works in partnership with families and community and ensures that students gain optimal academic experiences to prepare them for post-secondary pursuits.

Academic excellence blends with an emphasis on art instruction as the two become one for the overall growth and achievement of the TSA student. Discipline and excellence in academics correspond with discipline and excellence in arts.
The student who works at molding a piece of clay for 50 minutes each day perfecting their exercises builds an ability to focus on the study of History or English with the same intensity. When that student learns to work on a dance sequence until they get it right, they are also learning to perfect the self-discipline to work on a math problem until they get it right.

Throughout each grade and each major, TSA strives for the highest caliber of academic standards to not only serve as a model for other schools throughout the country, but to also connect excellence in academics and the arts with relevance in the real world and preparation for ongoing post-secondary success.
Using a curriculum consistent with the Ohio content standards, TSA promotes consistently high standards to help students excel to high levels and maximize their personal potential.

Students change classes each period, giving them not only the advantage of learning from someone with a love and passion for the subject, but also exposing students to a variety of teaching styles and approaches that share one common element: a focus on excellence.

Exceptional academic performance within TSA requires both dedication and effort from each student. Parental involvement in the educational process is a critical part of each student’s success.

TSA’s teaching staff not only has a personal interest in the subjects they teach, but also have a passion for sharing that enthusiasm and love for learning with each student. Many come from art-focused backgrounds themselves and understand how to inspire creative minds. Both TSA teachers and students are regularly recognized for their achievements.

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