November 22, 2019

Congratulations to Jay Welenc, the BCAN November Classroom Hero

BCAN visited Jay and presented him with a check for $300 to spend as he chooses in his classroom. Welenc was nominated by Landon Stone, a 10th grade student in Jay’s Studio Winds class. “Mr. Welenc is a dedicated and passionate music teacher that makes the students want to learn and strive to be the best they can be. He goes above and beyond to prepare us for the future and inspires us to work hard to reach our goals. He holds us to high standards and helps us to understand that we can meet them and be better than we knew we could.”

This isn’t the first time people have sung Jay’s praises. In 2018 Jay was recognized as the Teacher of the Year for State Board of Education District 2. “Beyond all his contributions and accomplishments, what stands out most in Jay’s work and career is the devotion his students bring to their studies and to his classroom. His students apply themselves with zeal. It’s a remarkably effective and efficient classroom,” said Toledo School for the Arts Artistic Director David Saygers said.

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