The Next Big Thing

The Future of the Arts is in Our Hands

The Next Big Thing will help Toledo school for the Arts serve more students, improve and expand our facility, and increase the school’s long-term sustainability.


Get to know us

Toledo School for the Arts is a public community school focused on providing Ohio residents a rigorous academic curriculum and an intense visual and performing arts environment.

TSA was founded in 1999, and resides in the heart of downtown Toledo. We are driven by a passion for the arts and an activated community.

TSA is its own 501(c)(3) not for profit, tax-exempt entity and has a separate, independent board of directors. Unlike many Ohio community or charter schools, TSA is not associated with or managed by a for-profit management company. The TSA Board of Directors is made up of local artists, educators, parents, professionals, and business people.

As a school of choice, TSA operates independently and adheres to state education standards and testing. TSA is tuition-free, does not discriminate against any Ohio resident, and admits students via a lottery system. TSA is the only community school authorized by Bowling Green State University.

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What's Next?

Building Expansion

Each year to the school for the arts has over 200 youth on the waitlist who cannot be enrolled due to limited building space. The current building can only accommodate 700 students due to the size of stairwells. The expansion of our space is a key development in our mission to better serve our students.

What We're Creating

The Annex

The annex and expanded stairwell will allow for double the capacity of the building, but we only plan to enroll an additional 140 students for a 20% increase. Permanent instructional, administrative, and support jobs will be created to serve the increased number of students

Community Portal

The community portal will activate the Adams Street Creative Corridor and it will allow the school to be open into the evenings for Outreach and Night Classes. This space will increase programming and internships for students with real world experiences in operating a Publishing Company, Gallery, Retail, Booking Agency, Maker Space, Recording Studios, Performance and Dance Studios, and more…

First Floor

  • Conference Room
  • Gallery
  • Makers Space 
  • Barrier Free Dance Studio
  • Black Box Studio

Second Floor

  • New Flying Pig Café’ with Multiple Egress Points
  • 3 General Ed Classrooms
  • Expanded Costume Shop
  • Student Lounge
  • Silk Screen Shop
  • Fine Arts Studio


  • 3 General Ed Classrooms
  • Upgraded Video Studio
  • Video/Film Sound Stage
  • Computer Lab

Fourth Floor

  • New Stairwell from the Basement to the Roof
  • Barrier Fee Dance Studio

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