My goal in photography is to capture the scenes which people normally wouldn’t see at the typical tourist viewpoints. The scenes I am most fascinated with are the smaller ones which people often walk past or don’t get to see. Landscape Photography requires creativity and pre-visualization to make an image that is unique and original; that’s why many of the images on my website are of The Narrows in Zion National Park, or images taken far from tourist viewpoints that took hours of scouting to find. My favorite quote, from a landscape photographer named Thomas Heaton, is “If it were easy it would be boring”. I also enjoy photographing the Milky Way whenever I am in areas which are free of light pollution and I have a few astrophotography images on my site which were taken on my summer road trip. It’s a great subject since most people haven’t ever seen the Milky Way. Most of the images in my landscape photography portfolio were taken this year on a month long road trip I took this summer and on my fall trip to Zion last October. I also have some images from around Ohio including my wildlife photography. Every year I go to Magee Marsh on Lake Erie during “The Biggest Week in American Birding” to photograph warblers. I don’t do any wildlife photography outside of this event but it is definitely not something to pass up for any photographer. There are many species of tiny colorful warblers to see and their quick jumpy behavior makes them even more fun to photograph. I have been attending the birding event for two years now.


Nick Swisher, Grade 11


Photo 1: Glowing Arch | Mobius Arch


Photo 2: Softly Spoken | The Narrows