The answers to the following frequently asked questions are subject to change as new information becomes known to the administration from health and government officials.


What about the Zoo Snooze?

This field trip and all other events starting March 16th through April 5th are canceled. Some may be rescheduled but some may not.


Are we allowed to come to TSA?

Yes, on a limited basis and only with an appointment. We are not inviting childcare or a drop off situation. Even students who drive, will need an appointment to come to the building. Appointments can be set by way of the following:

Will there still be the regular spring break and if so, will there be work assigned that week?

At this time we are not canceling Spring Break. We are also not expecting to assign schoolwork for students during Spring Break.

Who should they call or email if there is an iPad, Schoology or technology issue?

Staff will remain available through email and @helpdesk contact, as well as the main phone line. As long as we are permitted by local agencies, we will schedule appointments to come to the building for any tech maintenance that cannot be solved remotely.

What if I don’t have Internet at home and the library is closed?

We are actively working to find solutions to this challenge. The building wifi will remain active and families can access that from 14th Street, or even by coming into the building during regular school hours. We are also working to boost the signal to the guest parking lot. In the meantime, families should locate local restaurants or fast food places that offer free wifi to guests and consider stopping there long enough to download new assignments and upload completed work.

If my child is unable to complete an assignment will it be held against them?

Students are expected to do their assignments. Our goal is to facilitate all students having access to complete the work. We are working on a way to allow teachers a phone contact other than their personal numbers so they can call students who may need extra assistance. We are looking into how to facilitate tutoring and other supports remotely or at TSA. In other words, we are trying to remove obstacles so that students can continue to complete their work. If a student needs help, contact the teacher or the school to ask for assistance.

Will tutors be available?

We are working on being able to offer homework helpers both remotely and at TSA. More details will be forth coming.

What about accommodations based on my child’s IEP?

We are awaiting official information from the state regarding this. As long as we are permitted, we will try to schedule appointments with Intervention Specialists here at TSA for those students who require service. More details will be provided as soon as possible.

If my child is sick and can’t complete their online work how should we let you know? Will any of these days count toward absences?

If your child is sick and cannot complete work, please email and send documentation if you have it.

What about state testing?

We are awaiting information from the Ohio Department of Education on this matter. We will follow their guidelines. We will let the TSA community know as soon as we know.

What about senior internships?

We hope all seniors will be able to complete the internship plans they established with their businesses and agencies. These internships are highly beneficial to our seniors. However, if the student, the family, or the employer object to participating because of the risk to exposure of the virus, the internship requirement for graduation will be waved. Please contact Mrs. Dauel at with any questions or concerns.

What about Graffiti, Next Step Day, etc.? Are they canceled?

All TSA performances and field trips between March 16th and April 5th are canceled. If we can reschedule these events, we will do so, but we may not be able to. Any TSA tickets will be refunded (minus the on-line fee). We are working on revised plan for Next Step Day.

What about trips for which a deposit or fees have been paid (NYC, DC)? If they are canceled will they get their money back?

Trips can be canceled based on local or destination health department advisories, but otherwise will proceed. If the trip is canceled or individual families wish to withdraw, any refunds that the school can collect from vendors will be distributed. Otherwise, the school cannot make refunds.

When will a decision be made about things that happen in April?

The situation is fluid and uncertain, and communication will be provided on a continual basis.

Will we come back to school for the few days between April 6 and spring break?

We are currently planning to resume classes between April 6-9. At this time we are not canceling Spring Break. We are also not expecting to assign schoolwork for students during Spring Break.

My child left their —— in their locker. How can I get it?

Students can retrieve items from their lockers, or pick up equipment (music instruments, books, etc.) by appointment.

How will we still have Kaleidoscope?

Events currently scheduled after Spring Break may not occur as scheduled. Details will follow as we develop plans.

Will seniors graduate on time?

We do not expect any delay in graduation for seniors who have met the graduation requirements. However, the ability to hold a graduation ceremony may be affected by local health department advisories.

Will this extend the length of the school year?

As of this moment, we do not expect so.

Is there anything helpful we can do as parents?

Watch for communication from the school. Monitor your student’s progress on their schoolwork, and make sure they continue to have regular access to WIFI. Make sure they check their TSA email account. Be flexible and patient. Wash your hands!