GreatSchools celebrates high schools that prepare students for college

 Education information nonprofit GreatSchools has awarded Toledo School for the Arts with a 2018 College Success Award in its first report recognizing schools in nine states for commitment to college preparation. GreatSchools pinpointed exceptional high schools based on college preparation, enrollment, and performance.

The nonprofit compiled data including college entrance exam scores and participation rates, college enrollment rates, the percentage of students enrolled in remedial courses in college, and college persistence rates. The organization identified 814 national winners including 157 Ohio winners. TSA was one of only two charters in the state to receive this distinction.

“The Mission of Toledo School for the Arts speaks directly to our commitment to college preparation,” said TSA Director, Doug Mead.  “Our faculty do an unbelievable job of preparing our students to succeed long after they graduate.”

Award-winning schools had an average ACT score of 22.7 and an average college enrollment rate of 78.3% nationally. In addition, an average of 70.3% of college students from winning high schools persisted for a second year. Only 53.8% of college students that graduated from non-winning high schools persisted for a second year of college. College persistence information is essential in determining if high schools are sufficiently preparing students for long term postsecondary success. The GreatSchools report provides an in-depth measure of the lasting rewards of a college preparatory education, and the results reflect TSA’s achievements.

“TSA students have demonstrated tremendous success at the post-secondary level, and we are humbled to be recognized with this award,” said Mead.


About GreatSchools:

GreatSchools is a nonprofit founded in 1998 and based in Oakland, California that equips parents with PK-12 school ratings and information. Great Schools assembles resources and data that enable parents to choose schools effectively and create transparency for useful policy leadership. More information on the College Success Award and report can be found at