Musical Numbers

Act 1

Scene 1: A South London Street

“Welcome to the Renaissance” (Minstrel and Company)

Scene 2: The Theatre

“God, I Hate Shakespeare” (Nick, Nigel, The Troupe)

Scene 3: A South London Street/Outside Nick and Bea’s House
Scene 4: Nick and Bea’s House

“Right Hand Man” (Bea, Nick)

“God, I Hate Shakespeare Reprise” (Nick)

Scene 5: Soothsayer Alley

“A Musical” (Nostradamus, Nick, Ensemble)

Scene 6: A South London Street/Outside the Theatre
Scene 7: The Theatre

“The Black Death” (The Troupe)

Scene 8: A South London Street

“I Love the Way” (Portia, Nigel)

Scene 9: The Park

“Will Power” (Shakespeare, Ensemble)

Scene 10: After-Show Party Tent
Scene 11: Soothsayer Alley

“Bottom’s Gonna Be on Top” (Nick and Company)


Scene 1: London

“Welcome to the Renaissance Reprise” (Minstrel)

“Hard to Be the Bard” (Shakespeare and Ensemble)

Scene 2: The Theatre

“It’s Eggs!” (Nick, The Troupe)

Scene 3: Under London Bridge

“We See the Light” (Portia, Nigel, Brother Jeremiah, Nick, Ensemble)

Scene 4: The Theatre

“To Thine Own Self” (Nigel, Nick, Shakespeare, The Troupe)

Scene 5: A South London Street

“Right Hand Man Reprise” (Bea)

Scene 6: On Stage at the Theatre

“Something Rotten!” (The Troupe)

“Make an Omelette” (Nick and Company)

Scene 7: Courtroom

“To Thine Own Self Reprise” (Nick)

Scene 8: The Settlement

“Finale” (The Company)


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