We ain’t in Denmark. But we all know something’s rotten this year.

Since March, we’ve spent most of our days stuck at home. When we’re out, we’re wearing masks, avoiding contact with people, and worrying about the Black Death (it’s gonna get ya!). 

For theatre people (not just the actors, technical crew, and musicians, but also fans), it’s been especially tough. Our craft depends upon in-person collaboration and our art depends upon live audience interaction. You can’t create or experience the magic of live theatre alone in your kitchen – you have to be out with others, living in the moment. Something that, until very recently, we just couldn’t do.

The administration and artistic staff thought long and hard about whether to even do a musical production this year. We’ve had to come up with creative solutions on how to keep the actors and audience safe while putting on a show up to TSA standards. Aware of the risks, we were determined to find a way for our students to experience the rewards of a working together on stage, in the moment, to entertain an audience. This year will be different, but there is nothing better than a musical, even in crazy times, to bring people together and (hopefully) share a laugh.

Like our main characters Nick and Nigel Bottom, this cast and crew have done everything they could to bring the best out of each other and on to the stage. (Unfortunately, Nostradamus was not able to fast-forward us all to a post-vaccine world!). I and the rest of the artistic staff could not be prouder of their hard work, willingness to adapt, and eagerness to share this experience with you. In this rotten year, we are so excited to give you Something Rotten!

-Amelia Lefevre


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