Toledo School for the Arts has been producing great artists and conscious community members since our beginning in 1999. After our “Flying Pigs” leave the nest, they go on to do great things.

International Alumni Advisory Board Formed

On 11/20/10 we launched The TSA International Alumni Advisory Board. TSA Alumni now number 1,055 and they are spread across the world doing amazing things. Three of our former students now have children at our school, and that speaks volumes to their faith in what we’ve built. Additionally, two alums, Brandon Wright ’08 and Jacob Parr ’09, also sit on our school’s Board of Directors and play a major role in the direction of this nationally known art school. Both Brandon and Jacob sit on the Alumni Advisory Board.  Deb Calabrese (former TSA Dance Teacher) is the advisor of the group.

Alumni First Friday 2021

The Alumni Board Members:

Darryle Johnson, 2003
Brian Slaman, 2003
Chelsea Koenig-Foster, 2004
Steven Bryant, 2005
Dylan Wise, 2005
Heather Schramm, 2006
Megan Sciarini Smith, 2006
Aaron Pickens, 2007
Jake Spencer, 2007
Dom Gray, 2008
John Heer, 2008
Megan Lesle Heer, 2008
Brandon Wright, 2008
Jacob Parr, 2009
Jessica Behlmer Worley, 2009
Renee Murry, 2010
Katelyn Leslie Levering 2010
Beverly Huss, 2011
Taylor Fowler, 2012
Shannon Brandon, 2013
Grace Parr, 2013
Natalie Gray, 2014
Nick Nauden, 2014
Kevin Fong, 2015
Roan Martin-Hayden, 2015
Brianna Mooi, 2016
Emily Hayman, 2016
Maegan Fleniken, 2017
Noah Hagedorn, 2018


The purpose of this group is to:

  • Celebrate and share alumni stories
  • Create mentorship opportunities for current students
  • Build a support system to move the school into the future

For any alumni looking to get involved, come back to visit, or donate, please contact the Alumni Relations Liaison, at  or Bethany 04, Development Business Manager at