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Thank you to our 2020 Donors!

*This list reflects all donations and pledges during FY 2019 – 2020.


Sandy and Paul Adam

Douglas and Dan Adams-Arman

The Adamson Family

Adopt America Network

James S. Adray Attorney

AFSCME Local 2058 TCSTP Employees

John Aguirre

Natasha Allen

Charlie Alter and Terry Teufel

American Red Cross of Northwest Ohio

Mark and Cynthia Amos

Dick and Fran Anderson Family Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation

Jeffrey Anderson and Karen Miller

Anderson Foundation

The Andersons

Anne Grady Foundation


Ansberg-West Funeral Directors

Jane Friedman Anspach Family Foundation, Inc.

Heidi Appel

Andrew and Meg Appold

James and Pat Appold

Julie Apt and Joseph Bernard Merritt

Jeffrey and Abby Arnold

Paula Wunschel and Tamara Ashley

Asset Protection Corporation

Heather Bachmayer

NaTasha, Morgan and Langston Baker

Mark and Michelle Bartkowiak

Elsie and Harry Baumker Charitable Foundation, Inc.

John and Amanda Bebeau

Jeni Belt

Charmaine Benson ’08

Alana and Keith Bergman

Joyce Bergman

Keith E. Bernhard

Mark and Emilia Bires

Carol Bishop

Black & White Transportation

Blankenship Family

John and Jocelyn Blaufuss

Donna Bogan

Michael and Dawn Bonfiglio

Bill Bostleman and Evy Jarrett

Konni Bostleman

William and Mary Bouck

Pat and Mary Louise Bowe

Terry and Roxanne Brackette

Tom and Betsy Brady

Britton Family

Susan Brotje

David and Nancy Brown

Mark and Wendy Brown

Britni and Steven Bryant ’05

Chad and Amy Buck

Chris and Margaret Buck

Buckeye Broadband

Rich and Kim Buehler

Wes and Cindy Bunch

Bev Bundy

Dax and Robin Bushmeyer

Donna Buza and Howard Reichow

Mike and Deb Calabrese

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Calabrese

Robert Calabrese

Miranda Calhoun

Archie and Chey Call

John and Kelly Campbell

Chelsea Canaday

Dan and Beth Carr

John Casanova and Libbey Marsh Casanova

Peter and Peggy Casey

Daniel and Kimberly Chalmers

Paul and Sharon Chandler

Chapman Charitable Fund

George and Leslie Chapman

Patt Church

Kerry and Amy Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clark

Mr. David Clark and Ms. Sara Lundquist

Joseph and Judith Conda

Carole Ann Conyers

Gail A. Cooper

Kevin and Jennifer Cornell

Chuck Cornwell

Kevin and Melissa Cousino

John and Erin Crawford

Chelsie Cree and Kelly McBane

Dora Crowther

Michael Davisson

Amy Debo

Robert and Pattie Decker

Michele Delaney

Steve and Michelle Detmer

Dickinson Wright PLLC

William and Leslie Dietsch

William Dillman and Melissa Todd

Directions Credit Union

Alysha Dixon

John F. Doering

Annelle Donaldson

Michael Doubek

Downtown Fremont, Inc.

Downtown Toledo Development Corporation

Jan and Arnette Driftmyer

Marc and Kris Dubick

David and Annette Dugai

Mary and Al Dullinger

Julie Duncan

Gina Duval

Rodney Eason

Thomas Edge

Edward Lamb Foundation, Inc.

Michael Kruse and Laura Ellis

Elizabeth Emmert and John Henzler

Marguerite Emmick


Erie Drug

Mark and Pat Everhart

Natalie U. Ewert

Extang Corporation

Fast Signs

John and Mary Fedderke

Tom and Julie Felt

Letha Ferguson

Mike Ferner and Susan Carter

Thomas and Sydney Ferry

Gregory Fess

The Chadwicks

Financial Design Group

Morgan and Kali Finn

First Presbyterian Church

Ted and Emily Fischer

Juston and Kim Fisher

George and Kellie Foreman

Diana K. Foster Charitable Lead Trust

Sharon K. Fowler

Taylor Fowler ’12

France Stone Foundation

Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation

Diana Franz and Nancy Snow

Joshuah Fry and Bethany Urbanski Fry ’04

Tamara Fuseini

Marguerite Gallagher-O’Brien

Pedro Garcia

Gateway Pre-K School Inc.

Lisa Gaynor

Stephen L. Gepford

Angie Gerdeman

Dave and Jill Gierke

William B. Giha

Matthew and Heather Girardot

Glenwood Lutheran Church

Paul Goldner and Sandy Soifer

Pat Goodman

Bill and Cheri Gosline

Jeremiah and Shelby Grady

Linda Grady

Marc and Susan Gray

Natalie Gray ’14

Greater Toledo Community Foundation

Mark and Denise Greenblatt

Melissa Greene

Tom Grochowski

Melanie and Dan Grohowski

Carl and Melinda Habekost

Noah Hagedorn ’18

Milton and Lee Hakel

Kirk and Connie Halford

Eleanor Hall

Mark and Debbie Hall

Hamer-Light Family

Barbara Hansen

Joe and Pam Hardy

Sally Hart Goodman

Kevin and Heather Hartford

Hartmann / Bogan Financial Planning

Scot and Cheryl Hasenaur

Havarti Nights

William and Ann Hayes

William and Carolyn Hayes

Mary Lou Hays

James and Nadine Heck

James P. Hedge

Megan Heer ’08

Gabe and Cozy Heil

Sarah Heldmann

Chris and Leeanne Henry

Cynthia Herrera

Bonnie Herrmann

Julie Brotje Higgins

Jami Hilvers and Jen Dunsmore

John and Melissa Hirzel

Jennifer Hiser

Historic South Initiative

Historical Society of Grand Rapids

Mary E. Hitt

Wendy Hitt

Paul Hodapp

Sarah Hodapp

Charles and Ann Hodge

Doug Hodge

Laura A. Hodge

Bill and Sue Horvath

Jen and Bill Horvath

Kenneth Housholder

Murray and Colleen Howe

Barrie and Bob Howell

William and Nancy Huntzinger

Tred and Allison Hurst

Jim and Terese Iannone

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

John L. Jacobson

Joshua Jagodzinski ’05

Sanja Jennings

James and Jill Jensen

Joesph J. and Marie P. Schedel Foundation

David Johnson, Jr.

Donald and Jennifer Johnson

Nicole and Matt Johnson

Johnson & Associates

Warren and Betsy Johnston

George and Katherine Jones

Sarah Jones

William and Heidi Jones

Family of Lily Pierce

Leanna Kander

Dean and Kim Kaplan

Ariel Kasler

Kathleen Kawczynski

Shannon and Zeb Kellough

Chris and Dawn Kelly

Nathan and Carrie Kerber

Richard and Jessica Kerger

David Kienzle

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Kiessling

Steven and Krista Kiessling

Dan and Beth Kish

The Koester Family

Russell Korb

Joan Kosino

Kathleen and Robert Kovacs

Tricia Kovalik

Josh and Itzel Krauss

Steve and Michelle Kravetsky

Dan and Sheila Kropp

Kenneth and Denise Krupp

Bob and Peggy Kruzel

Mikel and Deborah Kuehn

John and Connie Kufner

Brian and Molly Kujawa

Scott and Becky Kunzler

Robert LaClair

Eric and Nicole Langenderfer

Laurene W. Laskey

Craig T. Latimore

The LaValley Foundation

Adam Lehman and Diane Bostleman Lehman

Kevin and Tess Leininger

Thomas and Debra Lewandowski

Karla Lewis

Ed Lingan and Risa Cohen

Erica Little

Sharon Lockard

Ryan and Jamie Lockwood

Pat Long

Tracy T. Long

Sue and Larry Lottier

Dick and Kate Malone

Bruce and Meribah Mansfield

Kevin and Mary Martin

Jamie and Dana Martin-Hayden

Monique McBride

Dan and Jen McCarthy

John McCarthy

Johnetta McCollough

Pat McGlauchlin

Heather Mclin

Doug and Jessica Mead

Lawrence and Katherine Mead

Rob Meeker

Thomas and Maureen Menacher

Karen J. Merrels Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Merren

Amy Meyer

Larry and Heather Meyer

Blair and Anita Miller

Darik and Robin Miller

Matthew and Emily Miller

Mr. Keith Miller and Ms. Bernice Schwartz

Victor and Sandra Miller

Ed and Laurie Mitchell

Kirkland and Julie Mizerek

Ruth Mizerek

Beth Mohler

Edward Mohler

Maureen and Kenneth Mohney

Jim and Lee Ann Moline

Monroe Superstore

Holly Monsos

Sarah F. Moody

Toby Moore

Jeff and Dani Moran

Doug and Amy Morgan

Lois Morgan

Julia Mortensen

Mortgage Bankers Association of NW Ohio

Taylor and Ashley Moyer

Keena Mugashe

John and Madeline Muntersbjorn

Renee Murry ’10

Nicholas F. and Susan Hartman Muska

Joseph Myers

Jack Nachtrab

Joel and Lynn Nedrow

Valecia Nurruddin

Matt & Renee Oberts

Ohio Living Swan Creek

Ohio Retired Teachers Association

Craig and Regine Olsen

One Seagate Partners, LLC

The Hon. and Mrs. Dwight Osterud

Owens Corning

Dale and Christine Palmer

Nick and Mary Beth Panchula

Kris Parker

Jacob Parr ’09

Matt and Nicole Paskiet

Steve and Jennifer Pasztor

Randall Peace

Audrey Peacock

Carisa and Jason Pellek

Arthur and Claudette Penner

Michael and Marsha Penner

Richard and Jolaine Petersen

Aaron J. Pickens ’07

Josh and Danielle Pickle

Douglas and Megan Picott

Martin and Anne Porter

Nicholas Poskarbiewicz

Neil E. Powell ’07

Donald and Andrea Proctor


Tom and Mary Puffenberger

Ronald and Barbara Punturi

Ryan and Heather Pyle

Luis and Traci Ramirez

Suresh and Marna Ramnath

Manuel and Diana Ramos-Cardenas

Ryan and Dianna Randolph

Brian and Karen Rank & Girls

Mike and Meg Ransford

James and Nancy Ravin

Erwin Redl

Dean and Patricia Remington

Joesph and Cassandra Reyes

Thomas W Reynolds LLC

Holly and Aaron Rhodes

Bob and Teresa Rice

Cameron Rice ’18

Glenn and Mary Richter

Bryan and Abbey Riley

Jane Ringlein

Michael and Margie Rippel

River Rock Property Group, LLC

Marc and Milissa Robinson

John Rockwood

Patrick and Joyce Rodgers

Janet C. Rogolsky

David and Nancy Romer

Jonathon Ross

Gerald Sahagian

Mike and Abby Sahloff

Sharon Salsberry

Julie and Jason Sanderson

Ann Sanford and Brian Smith

Jill and Sergio Santillan

Sautter’s Food Center, Inc.

Scott J. Savage, Jr.

Sean E. Savage

Christine Saverstrom

David Saygers and Connie Molnar

Matthew and Carol Scheiber

Heather Schramm ’06

Janice Schulte-Glad

Jim Sciarini

Meg Sciarini Smith ’06

Family of Gracen Sebring

Seddon Family

Robert Seeman and Karin Jacobson

Barbara and Michael Seguine

Lona Seitz

Rick and Cheryl Shadday

Nelson E. Shaffer, Jr.

Dave and Verena Sharp

Lyndsey Sharpe

Brian and Sara Shelton

Shelton Construction Services

Jim and Rita Shindler

Dawn Shinew

Thomas and Kris Shook

Donna Shore

The Shupp Family

Joseph Slater and Krista Schneider

Donald Slessman and Pamela Alspach

Karen and Gary Smith

Susan and Jeffrey Smith

Tahyah Smith

Jeff and LeAnn Snook

Deb Snow and Jen Gill

The Donald L. Solomon Foundation, Inc.

Amy and Jeff Sopher

Alberto and Susan Spallino

Keith Sparrow

Nick and Suzie Spinazze

Richard and Regina Spino

Jayne St. Marie

Barbara Stahl

John M. Stahl

Joyce Starr

John Stebbins

Dale and Stephanie Stevens

Danni Stinson

A. Stranahan Charitable Advised Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation

Students For Other Students

Olivia Summons

Ken and Gini Swartz

Brent and Alison Swartzmiller

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Talbott

Jerry and Carolyn Tasker

Peter Taylor

Tricia Taylor-Lyphout

Stephanie Teaford

The Blade

The Elvis Legacy Club

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The University of Toledo Foundation

Thomas Porter Architects

Cynthia B. Thompson

Suzanne Thompson

Roberta M. Thornton

Titus & Urbanski, Inc.

Toledo Christian Schools, Inc. Athletics Program

Toledo Club

Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Society

Toledo Mud Hens Baseball Club, Inc.

Toledo Refining Company LLC

Toledo Zoo & Aquarium

Brian and Jane Tomko

Kimberly Toth

Mike Toth

Scott and Margy Trumbull

Dr. Laura DeBenedetti and Michael Tylinski

Mike and Betsy Urbanski

John and Lori Vaillant

Tim and Suzanne Van Tuinen

Shelly Varelli

Jessica Vargas ’05

Zak and Emilie Vassar

Verizon Foundation

Christine LaFrance Vischer

Garritt and Kelly Vogt

Beth and Dane Vollmar

Karen Vollmar

Kevin Vorhees

Waite-Brand Foundation

David J. Walker

Molly Walker

Mark Walls

Ron and Jodi Walters

Jason Walton and Julie Erhart-Walton

Linda Walton

Sherda and Tim Warren

Susan Watkins and Bob Morrison

Leon Watson

Joseph Watza

Richard and Leslie Watza

Michael Weaner and Connie Jones

Judy Weinberg

Richard and Christine Weisfelder

Chris Welenc ’09

Wells Real Estate Co.

Kay and Bob Weprin

Whitacre Logistics

Spencer J. Wilhelm

Lindsay Williams

Stephanie and Charles Williams

She’Kiya Wilson

Kelli and Thomas Winston

Jess Worley ’09

Lee and Paula Wunschel

Kent Wyse

Tawana Yates

Mechelle Zarou and Cory Cripe

Zenobia Shrine Highlanders

Phillip Zepp

Tom Ziems

Gail and Robert Zimmerman

Ken and Lynn Zuercher