Dear Parents & Guardians,                                                                           October 9, 2020


As we move to implement the decision of TSA’s Board to continue distance learning throughout the 2nd quarter, we have closely reviewed and considered responses and experiences of TSA students, families, faculty and staff. In this letter, you will find information regarding “Amnesty Days,” “Virtual Learning 3.0,” as well as a reminder that there is school on Monday, Oct. 12, 2020.

Announcing “Amnesty Days”

In an effort to acknowledge recent challenges in technology, inequities of resources, and the limitations in this ongoing virtual environment, TSA is designating Friday, October 9th through Tuesday, October 13th as student “late or missing work” amnesty days.

This means students who have missing assignments, papers, projects, etc. will be given grace from October 9th through midnight October 13th to submit the work for 75% of original credit. Please note, this is only a temporary adjustment in our procedures due to the current circumstances, this is not a permanent change in our usual late-work policy, and may not be offered again.

Announcing “Virtual 3.0!” — New and Improved! 

Firstly, thank you to everyone who provided very useful and insightful feedback regarding our Virtual Learning practices. As a result, changes are being made to improve the Virtual Learning experience. Items that are being addressed due to feedback include:

  • New, more standardized schedule
  • Reduced weekly screen time
  • Increased student resources for tracking and completing assignments

More details will be coming in next week’s One Call.


Reminder: The teacher workday originally scheduled for Monday, October 12th, was re-scheduled to Monday, October 19th. Plan on attending Virtual Learning on Monday, October 12th.



Thank you!


Doug Mead


Toledo School for the Arts