Dear TSA Community-

We continue to be in a holding pattern as we await further guidance from the state as to when the quarantine will end.  In the meantime, we are all setting into our “new normal” when it comes to navigating our TSA life with a Shelter at Home Order from the Governor.

My concern is not only that everyone in our community will stay free from COVID-19, but also stay both mentally and physically healthy during this time away from school.  Your well-being is on our minds constantly and we encourage all of you to remain engaged and active!

I also know many of you are worried about what may be cancelled or postponed with each passing day of this closure.  While I don’t pretend to have all of the answers today, what I do know is we have an unbelievably committed and creative team that will make every possible effort to provide a TSA experience to all of you as soon as we are able to return.  Ms. Ferguson has provided our Seniors a very passionate note that reflects this that I wanted to share with you.


I hope this message finds you and your families all well. I realize you all must be freaking out a bit regarding how this pandemic will effect your senior year. You must all be going between feeling hopeful at one moment and hopeless at the next. I can only imagine how difficult this is for all of you. The only comfort I can offer at this time is to let you know I will do everything in my limited power to make sure you all graduate and have a ceremony with your families to celebrate your accomplishments. It may not be at the venue it usually is. It may not be on the scheduled date. But I have learned this in my last 10 years working at TSA – this place is full of creative, resourceful, problem-solving people with great big hearts that care deeply for each and everyone of you!! This does not have to be the “worst senior year ever”. It can be the most powerful senior year ever, filled with courage, LOVE, and celebration!! So, don’t give up hope! Start dreaming of the possibilities!!!

We love you all! Take care and take courage! Letha Ferguson ​

Letha Ferguson


Toledo School for the Arts  

We promise to continue working, continue dreaming, and to continue caring about each and every one of you!

Dr Mead