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CCP Science Courses

BIO 101 – Life-An Intro to Biology

The student will study integration of structure, function, and diversity among the levels of biological organization, as well as discuss and apply principles of evolution, genetics, physiology, and ecology. Included also is the nature of living systems and the process of science. This course is intended for students not majoring in Biology, and will satisfy part of the science requirement for an AA or AS General Degree.

Prerequisites: NONE
Credits: 4(Lec: 3 Lab: 3)


GEO 111 – Physical Geology

A survey of the basic principles of Physical Geology. The first portion of the class examines minerals and rocks and their interaction with the environment. The second portion of class concentrates on earth processes both above and below its surface including earthquakes, volcanoes, streams and ground water flow. Students retaking this course must repeat both the lab and lecture. The laboratory portion includes appropriate field work.

Prerequisite: NONE
Credits: 4(Lec: 3 Lab: 3)​


CCP Language Arts Courses

GSW 1110 Introduction to Academic Writing

A CCP course. Basic expository writing; emphasis on organizing and developing coherent essays 800 words or more for a college-educated audience.  Placement through pretesting.  Students must complete program portfolio assessment successfully to receive a S grade.  Will earn a S/No Credit.


GSW 1120 Academic Writing

A CCP course. This course concentrates it’s emphasis on analytical writing.  Students must have completed either GSW 1100 or 1110 or have an approved placement score.  Will earn a grade of ABC/No Credit.


CCP Social Studies Course

Modern America

A CCP survey course of American history from Reconstruction to the present. We will focus on the political, social, and cultural history of the United States since the Civil War, covering many of the familiar events and people of American history:  Reconstruction, the Industrial Age, immigration, the Great Depression, World War I and II.  But we will also discuss topics that encourage the student to think about history in refreshing and useful ways:  the ability of immigrants to creatively adapt to their new homeland; the unique ways in which religion invigorated and guided American societies; the prevalence of war and conflict; the role of technological advances; and the role of historians in shaping American history.

Pretesting is required to enroll in CCP courses.

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