i have this journal
full of things i love
pages upon pages
of things that make me happy
i could read off every page
every line
and never once
would i say your name

     because some things 
     aren’t meant to be
     trapped on a page



All Bottled Up

Before you make a decision
Allow me to tell you one thing.

I see you every morning
Before you’ve had your coffee
When you’re tired and real
And every night
After you battle the day.
You take what is thrown at you
Without any complaints

You make people smile
Even though you’ve forgotten
How to be happy
From your friends’ eyes
You’ve wiped away tears
But you feel like
You’re drowning in your own
But even then,
You’re beautiful
Why can’t you see that?

The sun that comes through
The window in the morning
Makes you glow
Before you even put on foundation
And your laugh lights up
The dead of night

So stop.




You know your prescription
You know that’s too many pills.
Don’t make me part of something
That will hurt so much

I would miss your enthusiasm,
Your smile,
The moments you break out into song
While brushing your teeth,
I don’t want to lose that.

Put me back on the shelf
And walk away.



~Kennedi Jones, Grade 9