Toledo School for the Arts | COVID-19 FAQ
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TSA and COVID-19 FAQ (Responses are current as of 5 PM Wednesday, April 24, 2020)

The answers to the following frequently asked questions are subject to change as new information becomes known to the administration from health and government officials.

TSA Town Hall Presentation


Students will not be physically attending TSA through the remainder of the school year; does this mean they can stop doing their work until we return in the fall?

Online instruction will continue until May 14th. Students will then have until May 28th to submit any outstanding work. There will not be any final exams given.

When can students pick up any items from their lockers?

Staff will clean out students’ lockers and bag and tag all items. Students may pick up these items between 8-3, M-F, starting May 15-28th.
No appointment is needed, but we will limit the number of families in the building.
At that time, you will also return any outstanding TSA items you may have at home such as your iPad, musical instruments, art supplies, etc.

Will seniors get an opportunity to paint the Senior Stairwell?

Absolutely! Seniors will receive communication for a time to paint their messages on the Senior Stairwell in conjunction with picking up items from their lockers. This will be done in small groups, most likely 2-3 students at a time.

Will there be a Graduation?

Yes! However, it will be conducted in a virtual format.
The Ohio Department of Education sent guidance to all public schools on 4/23 stating: Therefore, school leaders should conduct graduation ceremonies and other recognition events in a remote manner that honors each student in a safe and responsible way, prioritizing the health needs of students, their families and the community.
While we all recognize this is far from ideal, we will work to ensure this is as positive of an experience as we can.
The ceremony itself will take place on June 13- more information will follow as we begin planning for the event.

What about final exams?

There will not be any final exams given this year.

What will be the final day of instruction?

The final day of instruction will be Thursday, May 14th. This represents a change from the original academic calendar. The final day of the school year will remain Thursday, May 28th (teacher check-out will also remain Friday, May 29th).
This change was made in order to allow additional time for students to complete work since we will not be giving exams during exam week.

How will grades be calculated?

As long as a student tried to complete work and gave an honest and good faith effort, students will receive a percentage grade for 4th Q, but no lower than 3rd Q’s grade. For high school students and 8th graders taking high school courses, if the grade earned for semester 2 is an F, the student will receive an NC (No Credit) instead of an F. An NC will NOT be used to calculate Grade Point Average (GPA). All other grades will be factored into the student’s GPA.

What about performances and events? Are they canceled?

All TSA performances, events (including Prom), and field trips for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year are canceled. All previously purchased TSA tickets have been refunded (minus the on-line fee). We have cancelled Kaleidoscope as well, as much as it breaks our collective hearts to do so.

What about trips for which a deposit or fees have been paid (NYC, DC)? If they are canceled will they get their money back?

All trips through the remainder of the year are canceled. All refunds that have been made to TSA have been given back to families. Refunds can be used to pay school fees, be paid back to families, or provided as a donation.

What happens in the fall?

There are still many unanswered questions regarding the status of the fall. While we are awaiting further guidance from the Governor and the Ohio Department of Education, administration will research and plan for a variety of different return scenarios. We will continue to provide further communication throughout the spring and summer as more information becomes available.

Are we allowed to come to TSA?

In an effort to follow Governor DeWine’s Stay-at-home orders, we are only meeting at the school for issues that cannot be handled through phone or the internet. Very few staff are in the building, but messages are being retrieved. If you need to reach someone you can still call TSA at 419-246-8732 x422 or the Tech Team at 419-407-6742. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Be aware that you may be receiving calls from staff whose numbers are either blocked or numbers through apps like Google Voice.

What about state testing?

The state has cancelled Spring State Testing for this school year. State Tests that were taken in December will still count toward a student’s graduation requirements. The scores from those tests have been released and were emailed to families.

What about senior internships?

The TSA Board has waived this requirement for graduation this year.

Will seniors graduate on time?

We do not expect any delay in graduation for seniors who have met the graduation requirements.

Will this extend the length of the school year?

No. The state has passed a law that the on-line learning we are providing will count toward our minimum required hours of 920 per year.

Who should we call or email if there is an iPad, Schoology or other technology issue?

The Technology Department will be available for support calls and helpdesk tickets during the closure. To request assistance, please submit a helpdesk ticket at and someone from our department will contact you within 24 business hours.
Should your device become non-functional or you need immediate assistance, please contact the technology support hotline at 419-407-6742. We will provide a same-day response for any call received between 9 -3 M-F. If calls are received outside of these hours, please leave a message and we will contact you to schedule an appointment within 24 business hours. Be sure to include the student’s name and the best number to reach you.

What if I don’t have Internet at home or my internet is having difficulties?

Internet access is available at the school 24 hours a day in the parking lots and on 14th Street.
If you let us know that you are without WIFI, we can contact Buckeye CableSystem and they will install a free WIFI “lifeline” in your home. Toledo also has a vast amount of free WiFi access, and there might be a hotspot closer than TSA’s building. Many local restaurant/fast food places offer free WiFi to guests which you may be able to use to download new assignments and upload completed work.
If you would like to inquire about receiving WiFi at home, please contact 419-246-8732 x422

What if I have lost my iPad?

If your student has lost their device, we are able to use the “Find My” ping sound if the device is connected to the internet AND if the device is turned on. Please notify us as soon as you suspect the device is lost either through the helpdesk and/or support hotline.

What if my charger is lost or broken?

If you are in need of a replacement cable and/or charger, these can be found at any retail store such as Target, Walmart, Meijer, Walgreens, or purchased online at
Should you have any further technology questions please email Mr. Parsons at

If a student is unable to complete an assignment will it be held against them?

Students are expected to do their assignments. Our goal is to facilitate all students having access to complete the work. We have set up Study Tables that meet through Zoom on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 – 4pm. Check Schoology for the details of how to join those meetings. In other words, we are trying to remove obstacles so that students can continue to complete their work. If a student needs help, contact the teacher via email (see attached directory) or the school at 419-246-8732 x422 to ask for assistance. Students must demonstrate learning during this closure to earn credit for this quarter.

If a student can’t complete their online work due to illness, how should we let you know? Will any of these days count toward absences?

If your student is unable to complete work due to illness, please email Ms. Huss at and send documentation if you have it.

Will tutors be available?

Teachers have set up “office hours” virtually where you can get assistance with assignments. Also, Study Tables through Zoom are now operating on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4pm each week and tutors are available in these sessions. Check Schoology for the Zoom session information.

What about accommodations based on my student’s IEP?

The state has allowed that services provided through Zoom and other virtual means will count as services rendered. Teachers are still meeting accommodation needs of students through Schoology and Zoom. If you have any specific questions regarding this, please contact your student’s Intervention Specialist or the head of that department, Scott Brooker at

Is there anything helpful we can do as parents?

Watch for communication from the school. Monitor your student’s progress on their schoolwork, and make sure they continue to have regular access to WiFi. Make sure they check their TSA email account. Be flexible and patient. Wash your hands! Stay safe and healthy!