Next week is the time for TSA staff to showcase their own talents! Come hear the musical talents of Leah Williams, Lydia Horvath & Melissa Toth (with Jamie Dauel), Diana Anderson & Megan Heer, and Amelia Lefevre (with Heer). Also on the program are two magnificent private voice instructors, Kim Buehler & Jo-Anne Chrysochoos, the private viola instructor, Reed Anderson (with Jamie Dauel) and Rob Desmond’s percussive presentation. The staff recital is on Monday September 25th in the Attic Theatre at 7p.m. Admission is free.

Next? Dancing with the Staff! Ray Szparagowski will take you back to the days of wicked MC’s and record scratches and Jen Henderson’s modern moves and Bethany Urbanski’s poker face will leave you guessing. Come see Megan Aherne, Sue Belcik, Amanda Jones, and Nicki Ruswinkle strut their stuff to Red Bottoms and Shannon Brandon’s unapologetic choreography. Are you ready for Liz Hayes and Allison Gogel’s tricky moves? Of course you know Amelia Lefevre’s hair and attitude are so epic there just had to be a song about it. But what about David Johnson and India Springs who aren’t “playin around”? The list goes on. Come to the show and see for yourself what students and staff will win Dancing with the Staff 2017. The date is Thursday September 28th at Bowsher High School beginning at 7p.m. The doors open at – and tickets are $7/ person.


~Terri Draper