From the studio of Ken Zuercher, TSA presents Jazz on Ice at 7pm on Tuesday, April 24 at the Ice Restaurant. This performance will be Mr. Zuercher’s final performance before retiring from TSA.

Zuercher worked his entire adult life in the industry and has aided in running, as well as performed with several bands including, the Morgan David band, Hepcatrevival and many more. Since joining TSA in 2000 Zuercher has positively influenced the lives of many students.

One of his current students, Brenden Doran stated, “Ever since I’ve been at TSA, I have always looked forward to Zuercher’s class…He is the definition of a role model…I do not think that TSA will have another guitar/jazz teacher that will ever come close to him. No one will ever have the charisma or acceptance that Zuercher has. He has molded each student of his into something amazing. While I have not graduated yet, I know that if anything sticks in my brain from this school, it will be him and his teachings.”

Mr. Zuercher’s TSA Urban Jazz Collective has performed for events throughout the Toledo area for over 15 years. Ken is a regular at many of the city’s jazz open mic sessions, where he frequently keeps an eye out as his students attend as well.

TSA Artistic Director David Saygers has known Ken throughout his time at the school. “Ken has been one of the most influential music educators in Toledo for almost two decades. His jazz students are among the best and most active young players in our community, and he has provided a terrific base of improvisational skills for many students passing through his classroom. The level of performance his students have achieved for many years has produced many professional players in college programs and out playing gigs.”

Mr. Zuercher has been an asset to this community and will be greatly missed at TSA. We wish Mr. Zuercher all the best in his future endeavors and thank him for all he has done for this school and its’ students throughout the years.