Toledo School for the Arts | Faculty and Staff Directory
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Photo of Dave Gierke

Dave Gierke

Development Director

Michelle Hiser


Photo of Jamie Lockwood

Jamie Lockwood


Photo of Doug Mead

Doug Mead


Photo of Andy Parsons

Andy Parsons

Technology Director

Photo of David Saygers

David Saygers

Artistic Director


Photo of Letha Ferguson

Letha Ferguson

Assistant Artistic Director

Photo of Olaf Gerhardt

Olaf Gerhardt

Building Manager

India Springs

Dean of Students

Photo of Leah Williams

Leah Williams

Human Resources and Diversity Manager


Photo of Doug Adams-Arman

Doug Adams-Arman

Majors Gifts Officer

Photo of John DuVall

John DuVall

Annual Giving Manager

Photo of Dave Gierke

Dave Gierke

Development Director

Photo of Natalie Gray

Natalie Gray

Alumni Relations Liaison

Photo of Bethany Urbanski

Bethany Urbanski

Development Business Manager


Carlyn Campbell-Johannes

Guidance Counselor (HS)

Loretta Coil

Student Services Coordinator

Chloe Fairchild

Guidance Counselor (MS)

Photo of Janel Hough

Janel Hough

Administrative Assistant to Guidance

Photo of Beth Perry

Beth Perry

Administrative Assistant to Guidance

Support Staff

Photo of Betsy Ahlers

Betsy Ahlers

School Nurse

Photo of Sue Belcik

Sue Belcik

Food Service Coordinator

Photo of Laura Doles

Laura Doles

Marketing & Communications/Ticket Office Manager

Photo of Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones

Assistant to the Principal, Junior High

Photo of Pam Langdon

Pam Langdon

Student Data Manager

Photo of Robert Meeker

Robert Meeker

Computer Technician

Photo of Laurie Mitchell

Laurie Mitchell

Enrollment Coordinator

Photo of Adam Narvaez

Adam Narvaez


Christine Nuhfer

Support Services Assistant

Photo of Nicki Ruswinkle

Nicki Ruswinkle

Assistant to Principal


Photo of Anna-Marie Adamson

Anna-Marie Adamson

English Teacher

Photo of Megan Aherne

Megan Aherne

Theater & Production Teacher

Photo of Mark Allred

Mark Allred

English Teacher

Photo of Diana Anderson

Diana Anderson

Music Teacher

Photo of Ken Burchett

Ken Burchett

Science Teacher

Photo of Miranda Calhoun

Miranda Calhoun

Dance Teacher

Photo of Meghan Campbell-Johannes

Meghan Campbell-Johannes

Technical Director

Photo of Joy Carson

Joy Carson

Graphic Design Teacher

Photo of Mark Cramer

Mark Cramer

Martial Arts Teacher

Photo of Holly Cummings

Holly Cummings

Intervention Specialist

Photo of Jamie Dauel

Jamie Dauel

Music Teacher

Photo of Rob Desmond

Rob Desmond

Music Teacher

Jennifer Fong

English (6 & Yearbook Jr.)

Katherine Gill

Math Teacher

Chloe Gray

Dance (6, 7, & Beginning Stage)

Photo of Liz Hayes

Liz Hayes

Visual Arts Teacher

Photo of Shawn Hayes

Shawn Hayes

Math Teacher

Photo of Pam Haywood-Imbrogno

Pam Haywood-Imbrogno

Science Teacher

Megan Heer

Music (Commercial/Pop Combo)

Alaina Hem

Mathematics (6)

Photo of Jennifer Henderson

Jennifer Henderson

English Teacher

Angela Hierholzer


Photo of Lydia Horvath

Lydia Horvath

Visual Arts Teacher

Photo of David Johnson

David Johnson

Science Teacher

Stephen Johnston

Visual Arts/Photography

Carol Kutcher

Intervention Specialist

Photo of Jessica Leatherwood

Jessica Leatherwood


Photo of Amelia Lefevre

Amelia Lefevre

Theater Teacher

Photo of Ron Livecchi

Ron Livecchi

Math Teacher

Photo of Justin Longacre

Justin Longacre

English Teacher

Erin Lottier

World Studies/English (7)

Photo of Walter McKeever

Walter McKeever

Recording Technology

Photo of Taylor Moyer

Taylor Moyer

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Angie Patchett

Angie Patchett

Theater/Costuming Teacher

Photo of Melissa Prior

Melissa Prior

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Juliette Quinlan

Juliette Quinlan

Theater Teacher

Photo of Morgan Ramsdell

Morgan Ramsdell

Science Teacher

Photo of Ryan Randolph

Ryan Randolph

Science/Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Alison Reny

Alison Reny

Dance Teacher

Photo of Allison Reynolds-Gogel

Allison Reynolds-Gogel

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Megan Rutherford

Megan Rutherford

Math Teacher

Photo of Tony Schoonover

Tony Schoonover

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Heather Smietanski

Heather Smietanski

English Teacher

Melissa Smith

Science Teacher

Photo of Raymond Szparagowski

Raymond Szparagowski

Math Teacher

Photo of Leslie Taylor

Leslie Taylor

Gallery Coordinator

Photo of Talina Tolson

Talina Tolson

Dance Teacher

Photo of Melissa Toth

Melissa Toth

Theater Teacher

Preethi Varier

Photo of Jay Welenc

Jay Welenc

Music Teacher

Photo of Jessica Whitlow

Jessica Whitlow

Spanish Teacher

Photo of Kerri Wilde

Kerri Wilde

Dance Teacher

Photo of Ken Zuercher

Ken Zuercher

Music Teacher

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